Furlough Scheme Rules Change – July 2021


The furlough scheme has been running since March of 2020 and is now drawing to a close (unless of course there is a further extension which seems unlikely at this point). The rules have changed again.

July claims which must be filed by the 16th August will get a payout of 70% of gross pay. Employers will have to pay out on the 10% difference. In August and September, this reduces to 60% with employers paying out 20%. The cap of £2,500 on gross salary still remains.

Essentially what this does is shift the burden gradually back to the employer as things start getting back to normal and of course encourages employers to ramp up their staff compliment where possible.

I have had questions asked around the employer/ employee national insurance payments surrounding this. The amount should be the same as it was for June claim. 80% is still being paid out to the employee, only the contribution ratio changes.

Please remember to file your claim on time.

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