Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent from the website to your computer. It contains information about you as a user on the website to personalize your experience. For example, to determine if you are a registered user and, if so, allow you access to registration protected areas of the site or the correct user profile.

Session cookies are only stored for the duration of your visit to the website and will be removed when the browser window is closed. For example, when you close your browser window the relevant authentication cookie is removed and you will need to log in again the next time you visit the website.

Permanent cookies are stored for a period of time and are used to identify you when you return to the site. For example, your username may be remembered on the login page.

Registration and Login

Actions such as Registration and Login will set cookies that allows the browser to know which access to allow the website visitor.

First Party Cookies

The following cookies are set by this website:

Cookie Name Duration Intrusion Level Purpose
Essential cookies – these cookies are essential for the website to work properly and, strange as it is, so that we can tell if you have agreed to accept cookies.
SESS* Session Low A session cookie is set to tell if you are:
Anonymous – visiting the site but not logged in
Authenticated – logged in so that you will be able to view registration protected areas of the site and your user profile.
Admin – various levels of admin eg full admin or user manager
has_js Session Low The site will determine if the browser has JavaScript enabled and a cookie is set so that the correct version of particular functionality is served.
SERVERID Session Low Our sites are hosted on a cluster of servers and a cookie is set so that the browser looks at one of the servers for the duration of the visit.
Other Cookies
PERSISTENT_LOGIN* Permanent 20 years + Low Remember me function keeps you logged in other than for non-secure areas. You will need to login again to view your user profile or see the admin area if you are an administrator of the website.
webform- Permanent 20 years + Low Used for webforms eg to tell if clients have submitted the webform to stop multiple submissions.
_utmb Session Low These are Google Analytics cookies.Google Analytics is used to look at the way people navigate through the site, which pages and links are popular etc to make sure that the site is effective in getting information to the site visitor. Google Analytics will not record any personal information such as your name or login details.For more details, see Cookies and Google Analytics.
_utmc Session Low
_utma Permanent 24 months Low
_utmz Permanent 6 months Low
_utmv session Low
_utmx session Low
Admin cookies – used in the Administration area only
imce* permanent 15 days low Cookie set for use in the admin area to remember if you want images/documents sorted by name, size, date etc and for resizing images.

Third party cookies

If this site has code from a Third Party Site, the Third Party site may set Third-Party cookies on your computer:

if the page with the code is viewed, eg Google Analytics, YouTube

if you click the link to the Third Party site eg Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, LinkedIn, Vimeo, AddThis, Asset. tv.

The intrusion level of Third-Party cookies varies and you should check their Privacy Policies for more details.

Help Guides on Removing Cookies

The following guides can help you delete cookies stored by your browser:

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