Spring Statement – Top 5 Impacts

Everyone has probably read or heard a version of the Chancellor’s announcement last week.

The general consensus is that the cost of living is going up at a pace not seen in a while.

A quick look at five areas that will impact most people in some way:

  1. NI threshold/ “allowance” – similar to the personal allowance, the NI allowance will jump from £9,568 to £12,570 effective July this year. For those earning up to £12,570, you will start saving £30 a month from this July. If you are making £25,000, you will start saving £17 a month from July. If you are on £35,000, not a lot of savings, only £8 a month from July. If you are making £50,000 and above, you will start paying more NI from April. Obviously, the more you earn, the more this will impact you.
  2. Income tax – the basic rate reduces from 20% to 19% from April 2024. For every £1,000 earned above £12,570, you will save £10. Maximum of £377 if you earn £50,270 and above.
  3. Pensions – the flip side of this is your pension pot will drop as the pension credit being applied is not at 20% but 19%. Contributions from April 2024 to the pot will drop by circa 1%
  4. Fuel duty – there is a 5p drop in fuel duty. Bear in mind that duty and VAT make up slightly more than half the cost of a litre of fuel. Filling up a 55 litre tank car with unleaded will save you a mere £3.
  5. Employment Allowance – This increases from £4,000 to £5,000 from April. Definitely more encouragement to small businesses to employ more folks whilst saving on their employer national insurance bill.

For the full spring statement on gov.uk, click here.

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